Masturbation Foreplay. Yay or nay?

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Just because you’re alone, it doesn’t mean you should skip foreplay. Foreplay is the precursor for a great orgasm. And in my opinion, we ALL deserve the best orgasms.

Why indulge in foreplay?

  • You get to know your body better. Take your time to really understand what your body likes and needs. It is all too easy to dig out your favourite toy and go like you normally would but sometimes taking a step back is, well, amazing. Learn what you like (see below for ideas) and you’ll step on your masturbation sessions to the next level. Your sex life will benefit too if you pass on your findings to your partner.


  • Arousal takes time. If you intend on using a vibrator you want your vagina to be ready. To get your lady all lubed up you should take the time to wake her up with a spot of arousal activities. For the gents isn’t it better to start with a hard penis than to force your penis to erect with an ill-timed wank? You tell me, I don’t have one.


  • It sets the mood. Seduction isn’t just about turning on your partner. You deserve to turn yourself on too. Indulge yourself. Allow the anticipation to build up.


  • You don’t just have to rely on porn. Porn has its place in the bedroom. In fact, porn is bloody fantastic but it isn’t the only way to whet your whistle. Your body is the best place to start for turning yourself on, not some girl fake screaming on your phone.


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How to indulge yourself in solo foreplay?

  • Give yourself some time. You don’t need hours of free time to play (unless you want to!). But just going to bed an extra 10 minutes earlier is fine.
  • Set the mood with lighting and music. This is a personal preference. I like heavy metal but if Chris De Burgh is your thing, then crack on!
  • Map your body with your hands. Close your eyes and feel your body. See what makes you tingle. What gives you goosebumps? What makes you squeak? Or moan? Or gasp? Your body is unique and your erogenous zones might surprise you.
  • Indulge in nipple play. Do you like it soft and gentle or do you like it a little rough? Give both a go, you might learn something new.
  • Mix up the sensations. Place an ice cube on your sensitive areas or run a bullet over your body to see what sensations are stirred up. Do you like whole-hand strokes or finger tickles?
  • Get yourself a selection of toys to try. Have you told yourself you’d never try anal play? Why not try now? No one needs to know; this is YOUR time. Don’t like it? Well, now you know. You do like it? Then enjoy my friend.
  • Talk dirty. This might sound weird but close your eyes and imagine a sex scene that gets your pulse racing. If you struggle to conjure up an image or your attention keeps wandering them verbally recount the image. Words are incredibly powerful and when they’re yours they can take you absolutely anywhere. Explore your kinks!
  • If your imagination muscle needs a bit of work get yourself a sexy book. Allow your mind to be guided to ecstasy.


This may all seem a bit elaborate. After all, a wank is a wank. And I am not saying there’s something wrong with a quickie before dinner but taking your time to work on you is crucial. And your sexual side deserves attention too. You have one body, one life and one chance to make it incredible. Masturbation is the perfect chance to take time out to focus on YOU.




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