Why Should I Buy a Sex Toy?

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I wanted to get back to basics this week. It's time we once again looked at why we should treat ourselves to a sex toy or two (or ten?). Yes ok, I have talked about this once before but blog posts get buried and I feel it is an important point to reiterate.

We all need sex toys.


The benefits of an orgasm.

Sex toys are designed with one sole purpose: to aid your sexual pleasures. So I believe the question we should ask ourselves is... are our sexual pleasures worth it?

To answer this we need to know why orgasms are important. 

  • Orgasms increase circulation
  • Orgasms lower pain
  • Orgasms improve your immune system
  • Orgasms lower anxiety
  • Orgasms help you sleep better

So if you're someone who sits around all day, gets anxious from time to time and could do with a good nights sleep then you should look at your orgasmic levels.

This is all of us right?


But why sex toys?

I am sure some of you are shaking your head. Why spend your hard-earned money on a toy when your hand can do the job for free? 

I am not denying your hand skills, even those with a plethora of toys to choose from will return to a good old hand job once in a while. It's simplistic and fun!

Sex toys add another dimension to a wank. Does your hand vibrate? Does it twist and turn, delving into places you have no chance of reaching? Can you penetrate your vagina and your ass? And can you suck your clitoris?

I thought not.

Toys open up a whole new world of orgasm. They turn an ooh la la into an OH MY GOD. They don't make your toes curl, they lift you off the bed.

Fleshlight The Big O


Couple Fun

Don't be fooled into thinking toys are for solo time. You don't have to stash your masturbator under the bed, praying your partner doesn't decide to hoover under there for the first time.

Toys are to be played with together. Toys provide you with the tools to enhance each other's sexual pleasure making sex fun. As such your sex drive soars and you're bought closer together. Why wouldn't you play together?

I have had men tell me that they cannot compete with a 10 inch dildo and so shy away from toys in the bedroom. But have you considered how women feel about your masturbator which doesn't suffer from jaw lock? Of your sex doll with massive knockers?

My point here is toys are exaggerated versions of reality, they're not meant to be a competition. They heighten sexual experiences because they're out of the ordinary. So relax!


How to Introduce Sex Toys

This depends on your partner's attitude toward sex toys. You may be in a relationship where discussing sex comes easily so just asking the question will be easy. 

If you're in a relationship where bringing up sex toys may be more difficult then we advise you to pick your timing and start slow.

Wait until your partner is relaxed. Maybe wait until you're not indulging in sexy time. This might sound counterintuitive but if you're worried they won't take it well then you shouldn't bring it up when it could be deemed that you feel unsatisfied. Does that make sense?

Ask them for their thoughts on sex toys before divulging you'd like a coke can shoved up your butt. Gauge their reaction and go from there. Let them know that it's ok if they're not keen. Plant the seed and move on. If they bring it up again then fantastic, if not then you may have to go back to stashing your toys under the bed.



What Sex Toy Should I Buy?

This is an impossible question. It depends entirely on your sexual preferences.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help guide you...

  • For those with a vagina/clit: do you like penetration, clitoral play or both? Do you like both at the same time?
  • How much storage room have you got? If you have an entire wardrobe to devote to sex toys then feel free to treat yourself to a love doll.
  • What is your budget? We sell toys to suit all budgets. The more expensive tend to come with more bells and whistles but the less expensive ones are just as good at improving your orgasm.
  • Do you like butt play? And if you're a man... do you like prostate stimulation.
  • Is there anything new you'd like to try? 
  • Is your toy for solo play or couple fun?


For our sex toy guide click HERE.

The Big O Sex Toys Guide


Have I convinced you yet? If you're on the fence and want to talk through your options then drop us an email at info@theBigO.co.uk.





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