About The Big O

Hi, I'm Clare. 

I have one goal: to empower people to talk about sex. Specifically the use of tools, or toys, during sexual play. We all love a gadget right? So why are people shy about trying toys in the bedroom. Especially for solo play. I am looking at you boys!

We deserve a plethora of ways to bring us to orgasm. We need to discover our fantasies and more importantly... fulfil them. Our partnerships ache for open conversations about sex. Talking should never be off the table due to embarrassment or fear. 

We need to talk!

So here I am. On a one woman mission to spread the love for whopping dildos, masturbators and heavy bondage. And more importantly, to show you it's ok to love these things. 

It's time for sexual liberation!

It's time for more intense sex!


I also write for a number of publications so check out the blog for updates.

If you'd like to reach out to me directly email me at the address below and my team will pass you on to me.

When I am not thinking about sex toys and handcuffs?

I am a mother of twin toddlers, a Rhodesian Ridgeback fanatic and a crochet enthusiast. Cool eh?


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