Erotica Books

Did you know that the owner of The Big O writes short erotica stories?

Each are short and written to compliment your foreplay. Check them out and let us know what you think.

To find all of Clare's stories search 'Jessie Bates' on Amazon. Each short story is only 99p or available for free on Kindle Unlimited. Compilations are £2.99.




Over You Jessie Bates








Over You 

Laura wants to forget about her ex but the pain and humiliation cut deep. Meeting Alex might just be the cure but can he win her heart as well as her passion?

This is a 4 part series of short stories.

 Over You: The Compilation


Kat and Bella Jessie Bates

Kat and Bella

Beautiful, friendly, and a formidable force. Kat and Bella love sex. What's more, they're good at it. One evening, a one night stand doesn't quite go to plan and they're given an idea to earn money, mega money. But can they go through with it?

This is a 5 part series of short stories.